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Cardiologists in Scottsdale AZ

Find and schedule an appointment with a cardiologist in Scottsdale AZ. The heart specialists at Optimal Heart Center & Body Lab are guided by the science from within your own body to identify the root causes of cardiovascular disease. This is accomplished through the use of a myriad of advanced non-invasive structural tests as well as our exclusive 5-Week Total Body Evaluation. Your membership is all-inclusive and we never submit charges to your insurance, so there are no co-pays or additional fees.

Who is the best heart hospital?

Cardiologists scottsdale az specialize in conditions involving the heart and blood vessels, and they can diagnose and treat a number of different cardiovascular disorders. They are often referred to as “heart doctors” and can perform both invasive and noninvasive procedures, such as balloon angioplasty (in which a catheter is used to stretch open narrowed veins) or stent placement to keep the blood flowing through blocked arteries. Some cardiologists also focus on pediatric cardiac care, while others are specialized in interventional cardiology.

He accepts multiple health plans and telehealth appointments.


The Importance of a Dog Dietician

dog dietician

Your veterinarian is dog dietician knowledgeable about the latest diseases, can perform intricate surgery and is probably very good at diagnosing problems. But chances are that she knows very little about dog nutrition.

The fact is that most vets are obligated to spend only a relatively small portion of their training on animal diet and nutrition. They may have an interest in the topic, but a full-fledged dog dietician devotes their entire career to studying and researching animal nutrition and dietary needs.

The Power of Balanced Nutrition: How a Dog Dietician Can Help Optimize Your Pet’s Health

Often, the most important part of the care you give your pet is not medicine or vaccinations – it’s what you feed them. Whether you’re looking for a high-end dry food, a fresh diet or a homemade recipe, a dog dietician can help you find the best options.

Even if your pet is healthy, you should check in with a canine nutritionist periodically. It’s not unusual for health issues to arise that are directly linked to diet. For example, some foods can cause bladder stones, while others can prevent them from forming.

Dog nutritionists work in a variety of capacities, from large food companies to veterinary practices and even to universities. The one thing they all have in common is a love of animals and a desire to improve their lives through science. Some have an undergraduate degree in animal sciences or biological sciences, while others pursue graduate degrees such as a PhD in animal nutrition. Some veterinary nutritionists also become specialists in their fields, such as zoo nutrition and working with wildlife.