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Cannabis and Weed Delivery Service

For those who live in or commute to areas with legalized marijuana, weed delivery services can provide the convenience of getting your favorite products without leaving home. These services often work in tandem with licensed dispensaries to offer delivery options for medical and recreational marijuana products. Most weed delivery services require that you be a registered marijuana patient to use their service. Many also offer other perks for registered patients including tax or delivery fee waivers and/or special discounts on products. Be sure to verify your registration status online before ordering. Source :

How big is the US cannabis industry?

Currently, New York City has two licensed marijuana delivery services that operate in select neighborhoods. Housing Works, a non-profit that supports unhoused and AIDS-affected people, was the first to launch a weed delivery business in December. Their website allows users to enter their address and search for NY state-approved cannabis products like flowers, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, pre-rolls, and accessories. The site also offers a convenient text message notification system when your order is ready for pickup. Upon picking up your cannabis, you will need to show the driver a government-issued photo ID in order to receive the delivery.


Importance Of Wood-Polymer Composite (WPC) Presence In The Fence

WPC is a very popular modern material that is actively used in street buildings. It is completely devoid of the shortcomings of natural wood, which brought him popularity. It is used to make wooden railings for stairs, railings for flower beds, and floor coverings for outdoor outbuildings.

WPC was created as a finishing and structural material for street buildings. It consists of recycled wood and harmless polymer inclusions. This mixture is processed in several stages, subjected to pressure and high-temperature treatment. This method allows the production of material of the highest strength.

Another advantage of WPC is creating fences of any shape and size. Thanks to modern dyes, it is possible to obtain a material of any color that imitates all known types of wood.

Recently, WPC appeared on the domestic market but has already found great popularity among craftsmen. In our country, there is an extensive production of such high-quality materials. In WPC production, industrial wood waste is processed, obtaining high-quality flour. Then it is mixed with composites and processed.

Thanks to this technology, you can purchase an inexpensive material that imitates expensive wood. The surface of WPC products is ideally smooth, so the installation of terrace and stair railings can be done by hand.

To increase the strength of the material, the fence boards are coated with a special varnish. It protects the composite from the effects of bad weather and also adds shine to decorative products. The material does not release harmful chemicals into the environment when exposed to sunlight. It makes excellent fences for flower beds.

Installation of a wooden fence is carried out in several stages:

  • Cleaning the base and marking for the installation of poles.
  • Drill holes for the bolts according to the marked places.
  • Installation of supporting pillars.
  • Installation of railings. For them, processed timber is usually used with a square section.
  • The lower part of the railing must be closed with a decorative mesh. You can also use wooden bars. If desired, you can make a fence of metal and wood. However, it is necessary to strengthen the foundation in advance in this case.
  • Equipping the pillars with side elements.
  • After the fence is completed, all metal parts should be coated with an anti-corrosion compound.

WPC are modular products. This means that you can build various fences with your own hands. During operation, you can combine different profiles. It is worth considering that WPC fences will last much longer than ordinary wooden fences. The material is not subject to decay and is not destroyed by insects.

The only thing that can stop when buying WPC to create fences is its high price. However, the color palette and the choice of textures and shapes are quite wide. This will allow you to choose an option to your taste.

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How To Install A Composite Fence?

Installing a composite fence is within your reach if you are a good handyman armed with patience: Once the inserts have been sealed and the posts have been bolted, the composite fences are installed by a system of stacking and interlocking the filling boards. Find the procedure for installing fences step by step.

Sealing of inserts

Fence next to Path on Mountain by SeaWith composite wood and aluminum garden fences, 3 options are available to you:

  • Installation of a small height (fence up to 1.20 m) on a low wall >> Insert to seal chemically
  • Installation of a great height on the ground ( fence of 1.40 m to 1.80 m) >> Insert to seal in the concrete
  • Installation of a non-standard height (> 1.80 m) >> Sealing of fence posts in concrete

Note: whatever the height of your wood composite fence panels, the inserts are always to be sealed; the brand does not offer screw-on plates. Indeed, all of the wood composite fencing systems comply with DTU NV65 – Snow & Wind climatic actions.

The fixing system chosen is therefore sufficiently qualitative and robust to comply with the weight of the panels, their resistance over time, and the wind resistance of each region in accordance with DTU NV 65.

  1. a For installation on a low wall (inserts to be chemically sealed)

Laying a composite wood palisade on a low wall is the simplest and fastest of the 3 types of installation. It indeed requires drilling 2 holes of diameter 16 in the concrete drill for each insert that you are going to install. Once the holes have been made, all you have to do is fill the holes with chemical sealing and slide the inserts in until the end.

NB: remember to clean up excess glue and check the plumpness of your inserts.

  1. b For laying a composite fence on the ground (sealing the inserts in the concrete)

A composite fence higher than 1.20 m will require concrete sealing of the steel inserts. To do this, dig a hole of 40 x 40 x 40 cm at each post location. Seal an insert there, checking that it is perfectly plumb (use wedges to keep it in place while it dries).

  1. c For installing a non-standard fence (sealing the posts in concrete)

The installation of non-standard posts is done by sealing the posts directly in the concrete.

Fixing the posts

Once the inserts are sealed in the ground or on a low wall and their seal is dry, they will need to be drilled in order to securely bolt each post on them. Remember to remove the drilling dust so that it does not stagnate under the post once it is installed.

Implementation of composite blades

Each panel must have at least three reinforced composite slats (steel reinforcement slipped into the slats): The first slat, the last slat, and the one in the middle (up to 4 reinforced composite wood slats per panel for great heights).

To fill the panels, slide the first tab strip upwards to the ground / low wall, then apply a bead of PVC glue along the groove of the next strip. Slide and fit this one on the blade below. Repeat to the top of your panel, then clip the finishing rebate and glue the end caps to the top of each post.

Implementation of decorative blades

If you choose to install a decorative strip on your composite wood fence, apply a bead of MS 55 glue in the lower groove of the aluminum frame, then fit the decorative aluminum strip. Continue laying the composite slats by reversing their direction (tab down) so that the frame is properly fitted between 2 slats.

For installing post decorations

Aluminum post decorations are particularly easy to apply: they are fitted with an ultra-resistant adhesive specially designed for outdoor use. All you have to do is degrease the surface of your post intended to receive the decoration (using the wipe provided), then affix the decorative accessory by pressing firmly in the right place.

Cut a composite board and its reinforcement.

Composite blades are cut in the same way as wood. Only steel reinforcements require a blade suitable for this material.

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Why is a Time Tracker Important in Project Management?

It is necessary to make your office efficient and productive in a business environment. You can do this by keeping track of the employees’ time usage.

To Create a Time Sheet System for Employees

Manager, Businessman, Work, Business ManIt is beneficial if you create a system where you can allot employee’s work hours into each project they are working on. If you have many projects going on at once, it will be hard to manage them all correctly without knowing how much time each person has spent on their job. To solve this problem, some employers use workforce tracking software that automatically records all of an employee’s time throughout the day or week and assigns it to different projects depending on what the employee is doing when they clock in or out. Another option would be to manually keep track of the time spent on each project. If you choose to go this route, there are several different options that you can choose from as well:

To Spot Potential Problems in Your Company

If employees aren’t working efficiently, it is important to be able to spot potential problems early on. If there is someone spending too much time at their desk surfing the internet or goofing off with friends instead of getting work done, it should be fairly easy to see when looking over a week’s worth of timesheets. On the other hand, if an employee’s hours seem to always fall below what they should be working, then maybe they just don’t like their job and need some more motivation. You will also be able to see if your time tracker is being abused. For example, if an employee claims to have worked eight hours but only put in five on their time card, then the account manager will be able to see when this happened so they can confront the employee and figure out what’s going on. As long as your manager isn’t a tyrant, you should be more productive with a system like this than without one.

To See Where Your Employees Need Training or Assistance

It’s also smart to use workforce tracking software that tracks how much time each employee spends on different kinds of tasks throughout the day or week. By doing this, you can determine where employees need training or assistance with certain tasks that might not otherwise be obvious by just looking over their job duties. For example, if an employee seems to have a hard time staying on task and consistently has breaks longer than other employees are permitted to take, and then it might be time for some training.

To Find Opportunities for Growth within Your Company

Office, Business, BusinessmenIf you find that your workforce tracking software is working well and providing enough information for you to make changes in how your company operates, then you can use the data that you’re getting from the time cards to find opportunities for growth within your organization by investing more time in certain areas. This could mean hiring new employees or even just putting more emphasis on certain projects.

To Motivate Employees into Working Harder

Motivation is not always easy when it comes to employees, especially when there are many distractions around the workplace. If you’re trying to get employees to work harder, then it’s important to use a system of tracking the time that they will be interested in. For example, if there is someone on your team who claims that they have been neglecting a certain project because they aren’t motivated by it and don’t think it’s worth their time, a well-designed system should make this kind of information more apparent so you can figure out how to fix the problem with them.

Top Fire Features for Your Deck

Many of us have deck features like these. Or are thinking about getting them. Or regret that we don’t have them! Whatever the case, I hope you will find some useful tips in this blog post.

Most decks at least need a simple decorative feature underneath the overhang to make it look finished. The trick is making it so it looks good with any style house and not fake or overwhelmed by too much detail.

For a larger upper level deck where the stairs meet the house, something like this grand stairway balustrade would look appropriate. It’s pricey for something that will be out in all weather, but if you don’t want to use an awning or umbrella and don’t want to see the exposed top of the deck posts, it is a great option:

Another common feature is steps leading from the ground up to where the deck starts. These are often just ‘open’ treads and risers without any wall behind them. In theory they could even be fake or covered up by your furniture so as not to show when not in use. But there still has to be some way for people using them to know where they are going! Just painting a line on the ground is boring – something more is needed.

Here the designer has made them look like they are not just floating there in space, but part of the deck. The back wall and railing/handrail behind them makes them feel supported and connects with the house and stairs below.

Another option is to bury some sort of post or column right at that spot – even if temporarily set – like these columns here (also from my Deck for Renters article):

What about hidden benches? These tend to be less popular than steps because as I mentioned earlier, when you need one, you really need it, and you want to be able to use it. But if yours stays hidden most of the time that can be a benefit for your deck design!

This one is an actual bench with a storage box built in underneath – very handy. You could probably find something similar at most home improvement stores or online.

For exposed beams near the top of the deck, it’s nice to make them look like part of the house rather than just sticking out like an after thought. One way to do that is to go with exposed beams right at the top of the wall too.

And lastly, what about railings? Again, you need something there that actually looks better than just having nothing.

The railing and posts on this deck are made out of almost exactly the same materials as the house! It’s hard to notice it here because it’s taller than 6″ and post-style balusters are used, but this design uses vertical cedar boards that are painted with a ‘stain’ and look like they were made to be there.

This one has some extra charm due to the open lattice-style railings, the hidden bench in front of them, and the top railing actually upside down against the roofline just above it.