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Deck At Home: Learn How To Do It

Deck At Home: Learn How To Do It

Having a deck around the pool, or even in the garden, is a way to create a space to slow down, relax, enjoy the summer more, and still have that holiday feeling all year round. With the countless options of wood and floors for sale and explanatory videos on the internet, many people, with the help of deck builders in San Antoniowere encouraged to create their own space.

Planning: Anyone can make a deck. But it is necessary to provide some cutting and fixing tools:

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  • Mountain range,
  • Screw,
  • Nail,
  • Hammer.

This procedure is very simple because the deck wood is thin and easy to fit. To make the process lighter and faster, deck builders in San Antonio recommends that the work is done by two people. Long wood is heavy and the other person can help a lot in handling.

Measure the space: To start getting your hands dirty, use the measuring tape to measure the space where you want to place the deck. It is important to consider the width, length, and height. If you want to make the deck elevated, like those made with the water tank, for example, checking the height is very important.

Quantity and type of wood: The calculation of the deck is simple. Just measure the width and length to get the total wood in square meters. Remembering that it is always good to ask for 5 to 8% more deck, to make the finishes and not run the risk of missing wood.

A deck of certified natural wood, with quality raw material, humanizes and gives life to space. It is the poetry of the materials and this beauty that must be valued.

Assembly: If the deck is on top of an existing ceramic or cement floor, the assembly will be easier. Just sink the wooden rafters and launch the deck’s rip over the top.

When the floor is grass, it is necessary to make a shoe – a 50 cm deep hole, which varies according to each work. Deck builders in San Antonio advise you to put concrete to harden the wood, creating a solid structure. This will help in eventual cases of rain. Then just position the rafters aligned side by side, above the structure of the concrete pillars. In case of uneven terrain, it is important to place one shoe larger than the other so that the deck is uniform.

Perfect finish: For greater durability and protection of a deck, it is important to apply a varnish. It is this product that provides resistance to moisture, UV rays, and the friction of shoes on wood. Deck builders in San Antonio recommend covering the six sides of the wood with the product to create a protective film on the entire piece. In the case of decks around swimming pools, the indicated is the impregnating stain or flexible film varnishes suitable for a deck.

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