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How to Be a Tree Fealer

How to Be a Tree Fealer

Tree fellers are highly skilled chainsaw tree feller responsible for felling mature trees in a safe way so they can be extracted from the forest and transported to forest landing sites for processing into logs. They work with a range of hand tools including axes, sickles and billhooks as well as power equipment like harvesters, forwarders, chainsaws and tractors. They are also required to use a wide variety of safety gear such as harnesses, heavy boots and reinforced trousers.

Before beginning the felling process, it’s important to assess both the tree and its surroundings closely. Look for potential obstacles such as overhead cables, fences or old stumps. Make sure the fall path is clear of valued targets such as buildings or homes, and that it will not interfere with power lines or other infrastructure. Lastly, be mindful of the location of any loose limbs that could fall onto you as the tree falls. Loose limbs have been known to injure and even kill saw operators if they come into contact with them as a fallen tree is being brought down.

Bringing Down the Boughs: Connecting with Local Tree Cutters for Your Needs

The next step is to cut a directional notch on the side of the tree facing where you want it to fall. This is done by making a flat cut down into the tree at a 70-degree angle followed by another cut at a downward angle above that, cutting to around one-third of the way through the trunk. The resulting wedge is what determines the direction the tree will fall when you make the final cut, called the felling cut.

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