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Bathroom, Faucet, Bath, BathroomIn the bathroom, the ceilings are usually the same height as in other areas of the house or apartment. Moreover, the area of ​​the room can be much smaller. In a narrow but high space, experts recommend focusing on horizontal surfaces, which will visually expand the room.

For this, tiles are used in two colors, one of which is much darker. For visual expansion, stripes are laid out at the bottom of the room. Their number and width depend on the characteristics of the room. In some cases, a fairly wide dark stripe occupying up to a third of the surface; in others – an alternation of light and dark tones.

When choosing a layout, it is important to pay attention to the location of pieces of furniture, mirrors, heated towel rails, and other details in the interior. In some cases, they are a kind of separator for tiles of two colors. To make the room visually look more spacious and wide, it is necessary to choose a dark and light shade. Plastic panels, which are allowed for installation in the bathroom, will help to save money. It is necessary to choose a material characterized by high moisture resistance and low sensitivity to temperature extremes.

When choosing a horizontal design, it is necessary to take into account the location of the bathroom, washbasin, and other furnishings. It is important that after installing all the furniture, the layout does not lose its attractiveness. Apartment owners can choose either one wide lane or several small ones. In the latter case, it is recommended to perform them at a certain distance from each other.

Low ceilings: how to make a room taller

Owners of apartments in panel houses often face the problem of low ceilings. In this case, the method of planning vertical planes is used. Individual areas are highlighted by tiles in a complementary color that contrasts with the background. Vertical accents can be highlighted with mosaics.

This method allows you to visually raise the ceiling. In addition, the layout will help highlight certain areas or simply diversify the interior of the apartment.

Color solutions

Bathroom, Bath, Wc, Toilet, Sink, MirrorAs a budget but effective way to ennoble the interior of the bathroom, they celebrate the game with colors and halftones of the same type of tile. In this case, the material should be purchased from the same manufacturer in order to avoid differences in thickness and size.

The construction market offers a large number of color options and colors. However, it should be borne in mind that more than three shades in one room will look vulgar. An exception may be halftones of the same color.

Moving away from the wall

Narrow and long bathrooms can be made proportional by dividing into perpendicular planes. It should be borne in mind that dark surfaces seem closer; light ones, on the contrary, are removed.

When planning the layout, it is necessary to take two parallel surfaces in order to finish them with the same color. The choice of walls, which will be darker or lighter, depends on the characteristics and dimensions of the room. With a proper layout, you can correct the visual perception of the room and its proportions.

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