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Importance Of Wood-Polymer Composite (WPC) Presence In The Fence

Importance Of Wood-Polymer Composite (WPC) Presence In The Fence

WPC is a very popular modern material that is actively used in street buildings. It is completely devoid of the shortcomings of natural wood, which brought him popularity. It is used to make wooden railings for stairs, railings for flower beds, and floor coverings for outdoor outbuildings.

WPC was created as a finishing and structural material for street buildings. It consists of recycled wood and harmless polymer inclusions. This mixture is processed in several stages, subjected to pressure and high-temperature treatment. This method allows the production of material of the highest strength.

Another advantage of WPC is creating fences of any shape and size. Thanks to modern dyes, it is possible to obtain a material of any color that imitates all known types of wood.

Recently, WPC appeared on the domestic market but has already found great popularity among craftsmen. In our country, there is an extensive production of such high-quality materials. In WPC production, industrial wood waste is processed, obtaining high-quality flour. Then it is mixed with composites and processed.

Thanks to this technology, you can purchase an inexpensive material that imitates expensive wood. The surface of WPC products is ideally smooth, so the installation of terrace and stair railings can be done by hand.

To increase the strength of the material, the fence boards are coated with a special varnish. It protects the composite from the effects of bad weather and also adds shine to decorative products. The material does not release harmful chemicals into the environment when exposed to sunlight. It makes excellent fences for flower beds.

Installation of a wooden fence is carried out in several stages:

  • Cleaning the base and marking for the installation of poles.
  • Drill holes for the bolts according to the marked places.
  • Installation of supporting pillars.
  • Installation of railings. For them, processed timber is usually used with a square section.
  • The lower part of the railing must be closed with a decorative mesh. You can also use wooden bars. If desired, you can make a fence of metal and wood. However, it is necessary to strengthen the foundation in advance in this case.
  • Equipping the pillars with side elements.
  • After the fence is completed, all metal parts should be coated with an anti-corrosion compound.

WPC are modular products. This means that you can build various fences with your own hands. During operation, you can combine different profiles. It is worth considering that WPC fences will last much longer than ordinary wooden fences. The material is not subject to decay and is not destroyed by insects.

The only thing that can stop when buying WPC to create fences is its high price. However, the color palette and the choice of textures and shapes are quite wide. This will allow you to choose an option to your taste.

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