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Imported Hash Canada – Old School Hash

Imported Hash Canada – Old School Hash

For centuries people have used hash to get high. The concentrate has higher THC concentrations than regular cannabis and offers a unique experience. The best quality hash is made by separating and compressing the resin glands of the plant. The result is a potent substance that can be smoked or added to joints and blunts. It’s no wonder that many old school smokers still enjoy the mellow and psychedelic effects of this concentrated form of marijuana.

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While hash has been around for centuries it only recently made its way back into the limelight with the reemergence of cannabis enthusiasm in the 1960s. Its popularity rose as it was widely used in high society to increase energy and creativity while reducing pain and insomnia. Doctors were also experimenting with the extract in order to make cannabis tinctures and medications. Eventually, prohibition in the US forced hash into the black market.

Now with marijuana legalization in Canada, the hash industry is booming and it’s easier than ever to purchase and try some imported hash canada. Just look for a reputable hash MOM to buy hash online from and you will find some of the highest quality imported and domestic hash available in the country.

It is an old school bubble hash and has a delicious spicy pungent aroma and taste with a soft crumbly texture. This old school hash comes with THC levels that range from 45-57%.

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