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IV Therapy Springfield Mo – Get the Nutrition You Need

IV Therapy Springfield Mo – Get the Nutrition You Need

Vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients are an important part of maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. However, many people don’t get the nutrition they need. At Innovative Medical Clinic, we offer IV vitamin therapy to help you meet your nutritional needs quickly and effectively.

We can help you stay IV Therapy Springfield mo with an hydration drip that includes electrolytes and B vitamins, or a boost to your immune system with vitamin C and zinc. Our therapies are customized by our medical providers based on your nutritional needs and treatment goals.

The Benefits of IV Therapy for Improved Health and Wellness in Springfield, MO

Our IV Therapy Springfield mo offerings are designed to restore balance to your body & optimize every inch of you. Our robust menu of options features drips that support your immune system, help rebalance your energy and improve the quality of your sleep.

Mental health is also a big priority for our patients. Depression can be caused by a variety of things including past trauma, uncontrolled stress, existing medical conditions or even genetics. Our depression drips are effective at treating depression by helping your body to produce adequate levels of serotonin.

Glutathione is another powerful antioxidant that lowers oxidative stress, helps fight infections and helps your liver function. Our glutathione IV is a great way to help you get more of this vital nutrient.

NAD+ $175+: This power trio of vitamins helps to regulate metabolism, boost immunity, increase energy levels + assist mental clarity. It also aids with: joint + muscle pain, migraine relief, blood flow, detoxification, enhanced liver function and reduced blood pressure.

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