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The Best Online Project Management Software

The Best Online Project Management Software

Kendo Manager, a single platform to manage your online projects as an SME and entrepreneur.

Intuitive project management

A daily partner of thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses around the world for more than 10 years, Kendo Manager self-hosted project management software allows you to be more productive. Intuitive and user-friendly, Kendo Manager integrates into your processes and saves you time.

Efficient organization

The IT software project management of Kendo Manager is your best ally to better organize and meet your process. From strategic planning to the organization of tasks, including budget management and time recording, Kendo Manager allows you to optimize your management of the entire project delivery cycle.

Online projects

Designed especially for entrepreneurs and SMEs, Kendo Manager’s 100% online project management tool makes it possible to structure work intelligently, meet deadlines and collaborate easily.

Intuitive project management

The project management software Kendo Manager of you can plan, organize and track projects intuitive and agile, without forgetting anything:

  • Define all the required steps with the planned time and deadlines.
  • Link projects to quotes and invoices.
  • Add the expenses incurred.
  • Enter personalized project follow-ups.
  • Add documents.
  • Collaborate with your team.
  • Generate project reports.

Track project progress at a glance

Visualize with intuitive project management dashboards :

  • The progression of each stage of work.
  • The amounts of quotes accepted and invoices paid.
  • The total amount of expenses and salaries.
  • The profit margin.

Confidentiality of information

Our technical service provider provides us with a highly confidential hosting infrastructure. Whatever their nature, their logical access is strictly regulated.

Manage your projects from anywhere

Whether in the office, at home, or on the go, Kendo Manager project management software is accessible from anywhere.

Efficient, comprehensive, and quick to master, our project management software has been designed to meet the needs of SMEs, as well as their teams. Our adaptable solution allows intuitive and user-friendly handling. Start each project in an organized, precise way, with all team members on the same page. Save valuable time and stay focused on pre-established project goals. Result: projects are completed on time and beyond established requirements.

Kendo Manager was designed with entrepreneurs from all walks of life in mind to offer a user-friendly and easy-to-use project planning and management tool. Learning Kendo Manager is quick and intuitive.

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