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The Real World by Andrew Tate

The Real World by Andrew Tate

Is the real world a pyramid scheme?

The Real World, an influencer and self-described “hustler” with a cult following among young men worldwide, has built up his reputation by selling a training course that promises financial success through a unique model. The course, The Real World, encourages students to make fake TikTok accounts and post videos promoting Tate, in return for a cut of the revenue generated from new signups. It is an arrangement that has come under scrutiny from experts and law enforcement, who warn of a pyramid-like structure.

Personal Growth: Andrew Tate’s Impactful Messages in “The Real World

The Real World offers courses in a variety of business areas, with expert mentors who have built multimillion dollar businesses providing guidance for members. The platform also teaches students to use their own social media platforms to promote their businesses, in addition to its in-house marketing channels. It is an all-in-one learning environment that attracts individuals who are eager to learn from entrepreneurs who have created successful businesses in their respective industries.

But critics say The Real World is little more than a cynical and ingenious grift that exploits teenagers as drones to power Tate’s social media PR machine. The site’s cult-like atmosphere pushes its students to skip sleep and work unsustainably long hours, they claim. They are told to produce a vast quantity of videos, often featuring the face of Tate himself. In many cases, those videos are then promoted on the TikTok app, where they have been notoriously difficult to moderate.

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